A company culture defines the way people work together in an organization, and what values drive the people who comprise it. Mountain West Farm Bureau Insurance has deep roots as a customer-driven, people-first organization. Our guiding principles are:

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty is the foundation of everything we do. It means that we will ensure that our policies, practices and behavior exceed mere legal requirements and exemplify the highest degree of dignity and respect for people and values. It means being open and candid with our co-workers, agents, members, policyholders and everyone with whom we work. We say what needs to be said, when it needs to be said, despite how difficult or unpopular this may be. If we make a mistake, we readily admit it and expect others to do likewise. Integrity means always doing things the right way; and if not sure, we ask before we act. Our agents, members, policy holders and fellow employees expect nothing less.


Working together is the key to our efficient, effective workplace. To achieve our common strategic goals, we willingly assist our fellow employees in accomplishing their individual objectives, both large and small, easy and difficult. We understand that individuals can only be successful if the team is successful, and subordinate our self-interests when necessary for the team to achieve results. The phrase "that's not my job" is not in our vocabulary.

Solution Driven

We are an organization of problem solvers. We know every organization has problems, and we make no attempt to trivialize or hide ours. Rather, we seek them out and define them clearly and objectively. If we identify a problem, we own it and never "pass the buck." We also seek good counsel of others we work with for alternatives. In this way, we can quickly move toward solving problems, not finger-pointing. Our focus is always on high-quality solutions, not excuses.


Our organization is only as successful as the people who comprise it. To be successful, we show up and go about our work without coaxing. We do what we say we will do, and we finish what we start. We accept total accountability for our behavior and never blame someone or something else for our actions or our results. We own the work we process, the problems we encounter and the relationships in which we are a part. Our fellow employees, agents, members and policy holders can always depend on us to be there for them.

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